Stuco Encourages Mental Health

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Although the global Mental Health Awareness Day is in October, and the international Mental Health Awareness Week is in May, our student council made sure to bring attention to mental health at our school this week.


With rapidly rising numbers of anxiety and depression, mental health is becoming a deep concern.


“Particularly, suicide attempt rates jumped from 8.3 percent  to 12.4 percent in the last decade,” student council president Elisa Peña said.


All student councils state-wide are making sure that students are aware of how to maintain a healthy mind.


“We’re under TASC, which is the Texas Association of Student Councils,” Peña said. “This year the state platform is mental health awareness and bettering mental health. So, throughout the year we’ve been working to do little things and this is our big event.”


The StuCo officers worked together to organize this week for the student body.


“We had a brainstorming day where we were thinking of things that are both feasible for us to do and what would be helpful in general as a stress reliever,” Peña said.


During lunch, booths were set up with a many stress-relieving crafts and games, but this isn’t all that student council had up their sleeve.


“We have all the different booths with stress relieving things and small things for a daily basis, but we also have pamphlets and resources with both hotlines and ways to get health and stuff like that,” Peña said.


Students recognize the importance of giving attention to the emotional and mental health of the students whether it be through crafts, or therapy dogs.


“I think it’s really cool of them to try to check on their students and make sure we’re doing alright, and maybe encourage us to spend some time doing something positive so that we’re not all focused on just the work and grades aspect of school,” senior Hannah Richmond said. “I am so hyped for the therapy dogs, you have no idea.”