Speech And Debate Students Compete At State

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Over  spring break, 12 of  students went to Alief Kerr High School in Houston, Texas for the statewide Speech and Debate competition.


Tanner Schlueter, Jordan Deitch, and Trenton Colon made it to the quarterfinals, and Jeffery Zhu made it to the semi-finals. All participating in speech, advancing was not a small feat.


“For speech and theatre, you are put in a group of 6-8 competitors and you get ranked from 1-8,” sophomore Benjamin Martinez said. “If you score high enough you advance. It’s very competitive because its ranked on who did best and only one person gets 1.”


Debate competitions work a little differently because it is a competition requiring a direct opponent.


“Usually in debate events, you debate your opponent in a classroom in front of a judge who determines how well you did and who won the round,” Martinez said. “There are preliminary rounds, usually three , and if you do well enough, you pass out of prelim and keep on going until you lose a debate.”


Students who participate in these competitions can be very competitive.


“They get really into it,” debate coach Timothy Boudreau said. “Some kids just like the competition. It’s a way to compete using your mind.”


However, Boudreau emphasizes, the camaraderie between competitors from our school.

“These are their friends and they just like hanging out with their friends every Saturday-getting on the bus at 3am, getting home on Sunday morning at 1am, spending the day with their buddies,” Boudreau said. “They’re just very driven.”