Academic Decathlon Team Travels To State

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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Our Academic Decathlon team traveled to Frisco, Texas for the statewide Academic Decathlon competition on Thursday, March 7.


Each year, a topic is chosen for the competitors to be tested on in seven different subjects: math, science, social science, economics, music, art, and language and literature.


“This year, for instance, our topic is 60s in America,” head coach Eric Boyd. “It’s a turbulent time. So, we have read and studied the social studies aspect, the history of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. We’ve studied art fundamentals as well as art of the 1960s, music fundamentals as well as music of the 1960s, and we also have a math focus.”


After months of rigorous study, students compete through test-taking.


“They’re given 30 minutes, and for six of those tests there are  50 questions that cover all the material we’ve studied all year long,” Boyd said. “Math is 35 questions in 30 minutes and you’re given a calculator.”


After taking all seven tests, each of the nine team-members have to deliver a prepared speech and an impromptu speech, write an essay on the given topic, and be interviewed for five to seven minutes.


“We want the individual to write a speech that has some meaning to him or her,” Boyd said.”The reason we want that is simply because if you’re writing a speech about a research project, you’re probably not going to remember everything.”


The team consists of students with an A average, a B average, and a C average.


“What constitutes our team scores are the top two performing As, honors students, top two performing Bs, scholastic students, and top two performing Cs, our varsity students,” Boyd said. “You add those six scores together and that gives you a team score.”


In order to be able to compete at state, our team had to compete and advance from the region level.


“There are 172 medium schools; we’re number 22 in the state,” Boyd said. “That just kinda shows that these guys have been working since basically day one of the school year to prepare for that regional competition that ultimately qualifies us for state, which is where we’re headed Thursday, in Frisco.”


Senior Vincent Lopez emphasizes that Academic Decathlon does more than spice up your college applications.


“Academic decathlon, although very tough, is full of great memories and amazing people that certainly work as a team,” Lopez said. “I’m really glad I was able to be apart of it.”


If you are interested in joining Academic Decathlon, talk to Mr. Boyd, Mrs. Lowrance, or your counselor.

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