Beauty Guru Influences Young Teen – Part 7

Cecilia Avila, Staff Writer

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  Care to Go Bare is the VMHS Newspaper’s first annual campaign, made by high schoolers, for high schoolers. Participants get interviewed and receive an article in the school newspapers featuring their thoughts on various issues. This year is focused on makeup and its correlation with self esteem. These individuals also may receive a photo shoot showcasing their natural beauty and their makeup artistry. This story is a continuation of this series.

   The 80’s, bright colors were everything when doing one’s makeup. In the 90’s, people attempted natural or darker looks. Now, people have settled down a bit, and the way we transform ourselves today is completely different from what it was then. However, the way makeup was done then has found its way back. People still use bright, naturally ‘poppy’ colors, and that’s the way they express themselves today.

Lilly Bess is a sophomore here at our school who enjoys to express herself through makeup, but doesn’t really agree with trying trends from a different time period.  

“It’s just that the way things work now compared to how they were back then are different and the trends are different,” Bess said.

Around the age of 12, Lily started to perform makeup on herself. She likes to think of makeup as a way of art, a way to show people that makeup is also a form of talent, and that people use it to express themselves.

She has had the help of YouTube videos as a way to learn some new strategies.

“I started to watch videos and I was really influenced by NikkieTutorials, who I’d say impacted  me in a way,” Bess said.

Our generation has a way of making people think that it’s a must to wear makeup, and that people need to wear it in order to feel comfortable. Bess thinks otherwise, not thinking much of what others say. She doesn’t let any of this affect her self image.

“I used to feel pressured but not anymore,” Bess said. “Now I understand why some girls actually feel the need to wear it everyday.”

Lily has found a way to overcome the rumors of others and found the confidence she has now.

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