Scholars Compete For The Win


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

The University Interscholastic League (UIL) brings Texas most of its competitions that are affiliated with the public school system. Most students are familiar with this organization due to their involvement in extracurricular activities, but UIL also administers academic competitions. Our academic UIL team competed Saturday, February 23rd at Calallen High School in preparation for a district meet in the near future.


The Academic UIL competition is separated into six main categories: Number Sense, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics, Current Issues & Events, and Journalism.


Seven students placed in Science, five students in journalism , four in mathematics, three students  in Number Sense, and one in both Social Studies and Current Issues & Events. Multiple students placed in multiple different categories and subcategories.


These competitions allow students to learn with no limits.


“The contests motivate students to find deeper understandings of subject material, and encourage self-motivation to study and prepare for meets,” head coach Michelle Contreras said. “They require students to think critically and analyze material quickly, in order to demonstrate their mastery of the subjects they are testing in.”


For some students, this competition is an opportunity to perform in what is most familiar to them.


“I like competing in UIL because I’ve been doing journalism for so long now that it comes naturally to me so I enjoy making stories from the information and doing it in a certain amount of time,” senior Cory Utsey, who competed in the journalism category, said.


Others competed to build as well as showcase their knowledge.


“Competing is pretty exciting as I get to showcase my knowledge and understanding of science. I enjoy competing in science UIL because it encourages me to continue to learn more beyond the curriculum,” junior Kennedy Thrash, who placed first in her grade level for chemistry, said. “Through this contest, I always have something new to learn.”


The competitors also perform well as teams.


“Our Journalism Team (coached by Ms. Carlson) won 1st place team at every meet we attended, and our Science Team (coached by Mrs. Maza) achieved first place at our last three meets,” Contreras said.


Wish our scholars luck at their district meet at the end of this month.