Candy Grams Help The Adaptive Ed. Students

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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Valentines Day can mean many things. It can mean affectionate couples, complaining singles, or candy grams. This year,  candy grams were sold by the Special Forces Club to raise money for Adaptive Education.


For students with special needs, school is a completely different experience. Adaptive Education  is the program dedicated to helping these students learn how to navigate the world.


“Adaptive Ed. uses different techniques and different strategies to try to teach these special needs students the skills that they need to survive,” Club Sponsor Dale Hope said.


Special Forces is a club founded by  senior Robert Jones, filled with those who like to socialize, work with, and fundraise for the Adaptive Ed. students.


“The fundraisers- candy grams in this case- are being used to raise money for things like the cost of the food, the stuff for the socials, and for the special prom that the students are going to get,” Hope said.


People were ecstatic to buy candy grams knowing that their money is being used for a good cause.


“Lunch-ladies and teachers would even come and buy like ten, twenty– a lot of them– just because they know that all this money is going towards these kids,” Jones said.


The candy grams also benefited the student body in general because of their low price and easy accessibility.


“There’s been one person that continuously came back, I forgot his name, but he bought, I think, 30 of them,” Jones said. “He bought a whole bunch of them.”


The Special Forces Club was able to raise over $400 for the special needs students.

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