Eagles Choose Between Del Mar and UT

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Eagles Choose Between Del Mar and UT

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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As the second semester kicks off, students have the future on their minds. Students wishing to get a head start on their college education have Advanced Placement, Dual Credit, and Dual Enrollment (or OnRamps) classes to choose from. Because OnRamps is so new and unfamiliar, choosing between it and Dual Credit can be a daunting task.


Dual Credit is online through the local junior college Del Mar, while OnRamps is face-to-face through the University of Texas.


In a Dual Credit class, your Del Mar professor is your only teacher and the grade he gives you is the grade that goes on your report card as well as on your college transcript.


“That grade is high school, that grade is on your Del Mar College transcript,” counselor Angela Arredondo. “For OnRamps: two teachers, two grades.You have the college professor and you get a college grade, you have a high school teacher and you get a high school grade. In the end, you do not have to accept the college grade. At Del Mar, you don’t have a choice”


For senior Noah Avelar, who has never taken OnRamps, Dual Credit is perfect for his busy schedule and teaches him responsibility.


“It’s a very independent way of schooling, which is something I actually really like about it,” Avelar said. “It allows me to move my work around my schedule and teaches me the self dependence and discipline I need for college.”


For students hoping to leave the state for college, junior Peyton Meares, who has never taken a Dual Credit class, highly recommends taking OnRamps classes.


“OnRamps appears as a UT credit so it can transfer to any college, where as some out of state colleges don’t accept Del Mar credit,” Meares said.


Senior Grace Hatridge has taken both Dual Credit classes and OnRamps classes, and she said that there are benefits and drawbacks to both programs.


“Even though there are pros and cons to both, I would say both are beneficial to students, it just depends on how they prefer being taught,” Hatridge said.


Even though an in-class teacher can be helpful in an OnRamps class, there are other setbacks to the program.


“For the OnRamps English class I am in, I would say that a con would be the fact that every student has different graders reading their essays, which creates vast fluctuations in the returned grades,” Hatridge said.


Dual Credit brings hardships as well, though it allows independence.


“It can be hard to reach professors at times because of their schedules,” Hatridge said.


When deciding what classes to take next year, think carefully about what which program will benefit you the most in the future.

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