Students crave longer passing periods

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Students yearn for more time than the 5 minutes provided between classes, as it would benefit not only the recent accumulation of tardies but also relinquish the excuses being made for those delayed arrivals.

The school prides itself on surpassing attendance records, even going as far as broadcasting the percentage of perfect attendance on the daily announcements. We have attendance incentives, yet it’s hard to maintain considering our large campus. Furthermore we have a big campus and crossing from athletics. For example, to the third floor A hall,  five minutes permitted is hardly tangible.


Additionally, with this five minute time slot, students don’t have the time to use the restroom, or get a drink, and relax before their next stressful class. In relation to stress, students’ mental health should also be taken into consideration, as a majority of the school is forced to rush and worry about making it to their next class.


We can concede that shorter passing periods would mean less time in school overall, but with that comes anxiousness and panic. Not only does this cause  more tardies and poor mental health, but also an overall air of anxiety.


In conclusion, the school is trying to do what’s best for the student body as a whole, but when the health of a student is gambled, and the are tardies racking up, it would be best to assume longer passing periods would be the best option.