Eagle Swimmers Stand on Podiums


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Last Saturday, our eagles went to the Corpus Christi Natatorium to compete in the district swim meet. Five swimmers placed first in their events, two swimmers placed second in their events, seven swimmers placed third in their event, and two others placed in the top six of their events.


Since there is more than one way to swim, there is more than one way to compete in a swimming competition, which is reflected in the various events.


“There are many different events in swimming and there’s individual events and relay events which consist of four people as a team racing,” junior Luis Guerrero said.


Out of about forty swimmers, Guerrero came out on top in his events.


“I placed in the 200 medley, 100 free and 50 free which are considered ‘sprint events’ in swimming,” Guerrero said. “There were about 40 swimmers in the events I swam in.”


The swim team trained diligently in order to come out with good results at the meet.


“The swim team usually trains hard during regular season, which consists of a lot of yardage done at practice, which is very intense,” Guerrero said. “And when championship season comes, such as district, regionals, and state, we lower our yardage in order to be rested to swim fast.”


Guerrero’s hours of practice were rewarded through this healthy competition.


“I felt pretty good after getting first and it’s nice to see that the hard work is paying off,” Guerrero said.


Every week, swimmers spend, on average, more than an entire day’s worth of time in the pool.


“Swimming is a huge part of my life; I probably spend about 30 hours a week in the pool, and it takes away a lot of time for studying and homework,” sophomore Matthew Schawe said. “However, I still like to swim and I’m passionate about it”


Through hard work and determination, Guerrero is determined to reach his goals.


“My goal for the regional meet is to swim fast and get certain swimming times in order to be able to compete at Jr. nationals this summer.” Guerrero said.


Along with the fun of being in the pool, valuable lessons are to be learned from training for competitive swimming.


“Swimming has been something important in my life and has taught me how to be dedicated and work hard,” Guerrero said. “It has also taught me that failing is okay and that just pushes me to work even harder. It has also taught me to learn from my mistakes.”


Some eagle swimmers are so passionate that they are willing to be a member of multiple teams.


“Besides being on the VMHS swim team I am also on a club swim team,” junior Summer King said. “I literally go everyday whether I feel like it or not. Swimming is a kind of therapy for me and I love being apart of such an amazing sport.”


To King, the most significant part of placing at the district level was her improvement.


“It was so amazing to be up on the podium,” King said. “My freshmen year I wasn’t even able to qualify in an individual event to advance to regionals. I knew my hard work had paid off.”


Schawe plans to stay focused and  to not let his success distract him from his ultimate target.


“I never would have thought I could be getting first even right before my swim,” Schawe said. “I don’t really think that I got first and look ahead to regionals where I hope to get top two so I can go to state.”