Saxophonist Makes the All-State Band

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

This past Saturday, high school musicians from all over the state auditioned in their respective areas for the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) all-state bands. Only 157 hard-working students will be able to play with the TMEA 5A All-State Band, one of them being our saxophonist, junior Blaine Majors.


Being able to play with this prestigious group means months of hard work on the assigned audition music. This takes dedication and perseverance.


“All I did was practice,” Majors said. “Sometimes, I did not want to, but I thought of the reward in the long run. You have to make those kinds of sacrifices in order to achieve your ultimate goal.”


Majors’ hard work will be paid off through being able to play alongside talented and hard-working musicians such as himself.


“I love playing my saxophone in general, but playing with the best musicians in the state is the ultimate reward for me,” Majors said. “It is just an amazing experience: the trip, the concert, and making amazing memories.”


During auditions, some freeze with fear, while others forget whole lines of music, but Majors has learned to suppress his worries when auditioning.


“The audition process can be very intimidating and nerve racking at some points, but when I walk up to play I just keep focused on what I am trying to achieve and only think about that,” Majors said. “Doing that keeps my nerves down.”


For high school musicians, making the all-state group for their instrument is the highest possible goal to be achieved.


“Making the all state band was my ultimate high school band goal, but I still have many things to accomplish, one of those things being to make the all state band again next year,” Majors said.


Those in the band program can see the dedication that Majors demonstrates when he helps others around him.


“He puts in a tremendous amount of time practicing and working on things that he needs to work on and he’s always trying to help other people too, not just himself,” band director Shawn Athey said.


Because of Majors’ role as a leader this year, Athey sees his success as no surprise.


“He was a section leader this year, and through leadership roles and his own personal practice, he’s developed his skills and his personal leadership abilities to a high level.” Athey said.