Eagles Entertain Their Peers

Performers rushed to the stage for the school’s fourth ever lip sync battle on Dec. 21, 2018. They tried their hardest to put on the best show for our eagles.


Those on stage were motivated by the idea of capturing the interest of hundreds of their peers.


“I wanted to be a host for the lip sync battle because I wanted the experience I would get from being onstage and having the attention of hundreds of people,” junior Eduardo Martinez said.


Performers were able to demonstrate their talents and the things they love on stage while working with a teacher they enjoy.


“I was able to dance, make the audience cheer, and put on a great performance with one of my best friends Andrey,” junior Kayla Beck said. “Also, I get to spend more time working with the coolest teacher Mrs. Brashears!!!!”


Martinez was overwhelmed with excitement while performing.


“Hosting was very exhilarating, to be honest,” Martinez said. “It was a combination of anxiety, excitement, joy pride, embarrassment, and vulnerability that was worth every second.”


Performers were happy to entertain their friends, as well as the other students.


“My favorite part about being the host was definitely being onstage, of course,” Martinez said. “Being seen not only by 900 students, but my friends as well, having their support, and them being there in my successes, as well as my performances, means a lot to me.”


For Martinez, hosting was not only a fun experience, but also a learning experience.


“It’s an interesting situation and it definitely gives me practice in regards to public speaking and of course fulfills a position much needed in order for the lip sync battle to even function,” Martinez said.


Martinez doesn’t show favoritism when it comes to the lip sync battle competitors.


“Everyone worked so hard to accomplish what they put out, and, even though some didn’t win, everyone did extraordinarily well.” Martinez said, “I mean, just coming onstage to put on a performance like that was amazing on its own!”


Audiences enjoyed the performers’ final product by sitting back and enjoying the show.


“My favorite performance was the high school musical one,” junior Lauren Labonte said. “It was a good way to end the semester.”