Strutter Turns Eagle As New Starline Director


Cory Utsey, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the four years that VMHS has been open, there have been three different directors for the Starline drill team. With different directors comes different styles and different expectations. The newest director came straight out of college with a new, sassy style, and her name is Victoria Wilson.

Wilson began her dance career at the age of seven, continuing on through high school and college.

“I danced on my high school drill team and became an officer, and I went to Texas State University and was on the Texas State Strutters drill team for three years,” she said.

While on the Strutters, she worked at a dance studio, and helped create a dance team for a local high school.

“I taught ages from 2 to 18, and I also contracted with a high school in Wimberly,” she said. “I helped establish their dance team and did that for two years.”

Previous Starline director, Katelyn Gonzales, informed Wilson of the job opening.

“When I had posted on the Texas Dance Educators Association website, she had mentioned that her position was going to  open,” Wilson said. “So she told me about it and let me come visit her.”

As someone who has always taught dance in some way, she enjoys her new job as the Starline director and dance teacher.

“I’ve always liked teaching, so as an officer on my high schools drill team I choreographed a lot of dances I had to teach, and I was also in other beginner dance classes to aid the class and help with their technique,” she said. “So even in high school I started building my leadership, and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a dance teacher.”

She finds the job very fulfilling, and would do anything for her students.

“Being a first year teacher, fresh out of college, I was really worried about having so many students and have so many people looking to me for advice and for guidance, but it really has been really rewarding just being here everyday with my students,” Wilson said.

Wilson finds dance as an expressive outlet for things that ail her, and she hopes that her students are able to use it in the same way she does.

“I like using it as an outlet when I’m stressed out or not feeling my best,” she said. “I like seeing that from my dancers as well; they just leave everything at the door. It really helps people to express their emotions.”

She looks forward to continuing her tenure as Starline director, and believes that it will only become more rewarding.

“I think that the main thing I’ve gotten from this job is realizing that being a teacher is less about my content and more about my students and how I can help them succeed,” Wilson said.