Students Rock In The Halls


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Last Friday, Dec. 14, students fled to the rotunda to perform for audience students who payed to be in the audience.


Choir members were anticipating the success of Rock the Halls because of its annual success.


“My expectations for Rock the Halls was for it to be a success as it is every year and I’m happy to say that it was met,”  senior Lorenzo Villalobos said.


Villalobos mostly loved spontaneously performing with his friend Joshua Carlos.


“I enjoyed performing out of the blue with my best friend Joshua Carlos the most, as we both thoroughly find it the most fun performing for others,”  Villalobos said.


Choir members felt that the audience enjoyed all of the performances.


“I think the audience enjoyed each individual performance greatly, thus characterized by the rampant cheering and smiles on each audience member’s faces after the performances,”  Villalobos said.


Although the entirety of Rock the Halls was appreciated by the audience, some listeners especially enjoyed the group performances.


“My favorite performance would have to the sons where the choir students sang as a group,”  junior Marissa Cheng said.


The choir had high expectations to meet.


“My expectation for the Rock the Halls was pretty high since I know that many of the choir students have been preparing for this event,”  Cheng said.


It is safe to say that the audience’s expectations were surpassed through the joy of Christmas present at Rock the Halls.


“I enjoyed the performance overall but what I loved best about it is that it brought joy to me as well as other students and parents,”  Cheng said. “I like the idea of listening to Christmas songs because this is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s heartwarming to see it come to life.”