Orchestra Gets a New Instructor

Edgar Pena, Staff Writer

The new school year has brought a lot of change for students, from new policies, to new teachers. One notable change is in the orchestra department, with a new conductor.


Mara Brooks was chosen to take over the orchestra this year, and is making a difference in the ensemble. She is going above and beyond to make sure her students get where they need to be for concerts, events, and even contests.


“My goal is to help you all see the potential you have and to give you another avenue for your future,” Brooks said. “To give you the opportunity to know that maybe you can be a music manager, producer, or performer.”


Mara has been playing the cello since the sixth grade, and has been playing for over 20 years.


“In high school, we had the opportunity to perform as a whole orchestra,” Brooks said. “It was really cool, because we played the same program in different venues all around the state of Texas.”


Mara takes inspiration from her high school conductor when she teaches her students. She thinks about how he would’ve handled different aspects of the orchestra, and which pieces he would take to contests and performances.


“When I first started teaching, I was teaching with him,” Brooks said. “Not only was he my high school teacher, but he was also my professional mentor.”


Mara thinks people should try to play a string instrument if they are already curious about it. If you have interest, then you’re already on the right track.