New VMHS tradition illuminates school

Allison Wagstaff, Staff writer

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VMHS started a bright new tradition that signifies the most important occasions of the eagles.


The school has obtained color changing lights that are being exhibited through the windows at the front of the school, each color signifying a holiday or relation to a celebrated success at  the school.


According to student council advisor Ms. Hagen, the idea originally came from assistant principal Mrs. Trevino who wanted to “light up the school”.


“We can change the lights to any color we want,” Hagen said. “For example, it was previously green for Light A Vet in honor of our veterans.”


For the holiday season, the lights will be red and green If we win playoffs and academic competitions, blue will represent a victory.


The arrangement of lights has now been made a tradition that the faculty and staff hope to continue with the years to come.


“We’re trying to start a new tradition while also spreading awareness and joy,” said Hagen.


With the lights illuminating blue for the last two football games on Nov. 17  and 18, students seem to be enjoying the school spirit.


Although this tradition has just started, the school looks forward to spreading awareness for months including October for breast cancer awareness or national diabetes awareness for the month of November.


With December just starting and a newborn custom taking place, students wait eagerly for the coming months.