Students Celebrate Friendsgiving


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Thanksgiving is a purely American holiday that is usually celebrated with family, but as students grow older, they want to celebrate with their friends too. Friendsgiving was celebrated all over the nation by teens, young adults, and our own students.


Students had a genuine interest in expressing their gratitude toward the companionship of their friends.


“I wanted to throw it because I don’t usually host parties and I wanted to let my friends know how grateful I am for them,” senior Nikole Myers said.


Dining with friends is sure to bring good memories, but some blessings come as a surprise.


“I was surprised about how all of my friends from different walks of life were able to get along and become closer through me,” Myers said.


At her own Friendsgiving, Myers loved the joy that her friends bring her every time they’re around.


“I enjoyed the company and laughs the most that night, but the food was a close second,” Myers said. “I definitely would throw another one.”


Some students saw Friendsgiving as an opportunity to bond with acquaintances.


“I was excited because it was some of my close friends and some people that I would want to be closer with,” sophomore Piper Baker said.


Friendsgiving was not only a chance to eat, but also a chance to compete.


“The most surprising thing about this Friendsgiving was all the games we play; we all got along really well and had a lot of fun but at the same time we were very competitive,” Baker said.


Baker’s favorite part of Friendsgiving was either the food or their volleyball game.


“Everyone brought a homemade dish and everything tasted so good,” Baker said. “Our volleyball game was very competitive; we had team honey badgers and team blueberries, the game ended in a close 32-30.”


Due to the popularity of Friendsgiving, it is likely to make a come-back next year.