Veterans Says Bonjour to French Honors Society

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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As a young school, new organizations and societies are being founded yearly. This semester, Veterans Memorial will be  starting its first French Honors Society chapter.


Sophie Aceves, VHMS’s third French teacher in it’s four years of existence, is excited to be starting the French Honors Society (FHS), formally known as La Société Honoraire de Français de Veterans Memorial.


“I wanted a nationally affiliated organization for French language enthusiasts at our school,” Aceves said. “I think students who love French deserve enriching activities in culture and language, opportunities for community involvement,  and recognition for the their efforts in being part of this honor society.”


Aceves anticipates the opportunity to magnify the passion of French in the student body of our school.


“I am most excited about building an ‘esprit de corps’ (feeling of pride) among our French speaking Eagles,” Aceves said.I am looking forward to being of service to the school and our community, while showing and building enthusiasm for the French language and francophone cultures.”


The trilingual teacher, who speaks English, Spanish, and French, expects students to enjoy future events affiliated with FHS.


“I think students will enjoy the commaradie, cultural celebrations like la ‘la galette des rois’ (a Christmas cake-making tradition) and ‘Poisson d’avril’ (April Fools), French movie nights,  French foods like crêpes, teaching young students to speak French, and other volunteer opportunities,” Aceves said.


Students joining the society look forward to witnessing the spread of French culture.


“I’m excited for somewhat of a French culture being more prevalent in an area that’s far away from any native French speaking area,” junior Carlee Johnson said. “I believe it will help people learn to embrace the beauty of France and its language by speaking it and actively learning about their culture and by helping the community.”


The FHS plans on raising money for charity, learning to make French foods, tutoring French students, reading French stories to children, and spreading French culture awareness.

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