Students Dress Up For Character Day

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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This past Wednesday, on Halloween,  English teacher Mrs. Fairchild gave extra credit to students who dressed up as their favorite character.

Students were allowed to pick a character from their favorite book, movie, or TV show.

“I did Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock,” freshman Maria Contreras said. “I dressed like the 1950’s because that’s when the book took place.”

For Contreras, Nancy Drew was a family favorite.

“My grandma, she used to tell me how she used to read those books when she was little so she got me the first five books of the series,” Contreras said. “So, I’ve been really into it and my favorite one has been the first one because it got me hooked into the story.”

However, not every student dressed up as literary classics.

“I was a hot dog from The Sandlot,” freshman Ian Maddox said.

Maddox chose to become a part of a movie he loves, The Sandlot.

“I just really like the movie so I was a hot dog because I didn’t have a baseball uniform,” Maddox said.

Mrs. Fairchild’s students appreciate her for giving them this opportunity.

“It’s cool, because no other teacher gave extra credit to students who dressed up as their favorite character,” Maddox said.