Eagles Unite to Up Lift Each Other


Shae Fox, Staff Writer

Within the past week, two students have taken initiative to create clubs with the purpose of uplifting the emotional health of our campus and the students within it. We Shine Bright and the Student Support Group are clubs that meet here on campus and are open to any student who pleases to attend.


Junior Shadd Copping created We Shine Light this past Sunday with a vision of change and unity in the forefront of his mind’s eye.


“We Shine Light was a club that I created to encourage students to come together to make a difference at our school,” Copping said. “I wanted a club where we could have student peer conversation through motivating others during tough times.”


In light of recent events, We Shine Light plans to encourage our student population through this time.


“It is important because it shows how we can make a difference in our school by uplifting each other after a recent passing of one of our students,” Copping said.


Once the club gets approved, big things are expected from this club.


“Our club is not yet to be approved but we are slowly in the works of it to become something big,” Copping said. “We have a sponsor, Mrs. Laurel Brashears and she is really happy to see how we students can lead a club through acts of motivating students.”


Copping aims to reach those who are hiding their thoughts in feelings to prevent the inconvenience of those around them.


“Cristian definitely motivated me to start this club because what happened is so saddening and unpredictable to ever happen to any person,” Copping said. “He never showed signs of depression and that’s what’s sad about how we only get to see a portion of the people around us and not their other side.”


Copping hopes to create a community where anyone could be whoever they truly are.


“So I motivate everyone to join this club because everyone matters in this world, and no one should hide their emotions to please everyone else around them,” Copping said. “This club is an opportunity for people to be themselves and we will not judge them for what they have gone through.”


The founders of the Support Group believe that everyone needs and deserves people that they can talk to.


“The student support group is a safe place for any student that feels the need to talk to someone,” sophomore Crista Peña said. “Eve Stogner, Emma Martin, Selah Avelo and I believe in the importance of having at least one person they could talk to.”


Peña and her co-founders feel the need to acknowledge, rather than ignore, the fact that suicide and depression are common battles fought by the student body and need to be tended to.


“We created the support group because we saw the need in our school to help lift each other up,” Peña said. “In light of everything happening at the school we decided to acknowledge the fact that’s suicidal thoughts and depression is something most students struggle with.”


Hence the name, the goal of the Support Group is to provide support for any student who may need it.


“The support group is important on the school campus because students have the opportunity to talk about anything they’re going through,” Peña said. “This group offers support to any students in need of it.”


Considering the current atmosphere of the school, the Support Group leaders were pushed to act because of their awareness towards the need for support on our campus.


“The tragic passing of Cristian did in fact push us to act,” Peña said. “We knew that in wake of Cristian’s death there was going to be a lot of students that need the support of fellow students.”


The support group meets on Tuesday mornings in room B219 and the meeting times for We Shine Light are to-be decided.