Cross Country Teams Compete At The District Meet

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

On Thursday, October 11th, the district cross country meet was held at Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi (TAMUCC). The junior varsity girls team was placed first, the varsity girls team was placed third, the junior varsity boys team was placed first, and the varsity boys team was also placed first.


Today, both of the varsity teams will be competing at TAMUCC at the regional level.


“The top three teams advance to regionals.” varsity runner Fae Gonzalez said. “As a team, we placed third place.”


As individuals, members of the cross country team work hard to be as fast as they can.


“This year, I personally have gotten faster and am looking forward to improving myself,” junior Sophia Trevino said.


Ultimately, though, teamwork pulls everyone into success.


“As a team, I’m very proud of all my teammates who have all worked very hard to get to where we are and I know we will be successful come regionals and next season.” Trevino said.


The coaches help guide the students mentally and physically to prepare for these meets.


“Coach Alaniz and Codwell have done a great job getting us a team ready mentally and physically ready for district and are continuing to do so for region.” Trevino said.


The cross country teams are preparing for the regional meet by taking care of themselves and working out.


“As for the girls who are going to regionals, they are running miles on Mondays, weight room and speed workout on Tuesdays, swimming on Wednesdays and 30 or 40 minute runs on Thursdays and Fridays.” Trevino said. “They have to eat the proper foods, get enough sleep, and tend to any injuries or pains they are having.”


The eagle runners knew what they could be and what they wanted to be.


“As a team we did know our potential possibly of going to regionals due to our coaches training and mindset that she drilled into us to never settle or stay comfortable and if you want something do what you need to do to get there.” said Trevino.


To get to where they are right now, they had to fight through some struggles.


“The season went well we all had some adjustments due to a new coach, but have worked together as a team and family to work with each other.” said Trevino.