VHMS Honors Breast Cancer Month

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

In 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) was established as the month of October as  to promote mammography as the most effective way to fight Breast Cancer. Now, thirty three years later, we honor NBCAM to support and encourage survivors and fighters of Breast Cancer. Here at VMHS, many of our organizations are pulling their weight to stand against breast cancer.


The Spanish Honor Society (SHS) decorated a glass case to distribute information on how Breast Cancer affects Hispanic women.


“Spanish Honor Society members Sriya Chekuri, Arianna Baradaran, Cory Utsey, and Kirsten Soliz decorated a glass case outside of B209 with information on Breast Cancer in Hispanic women,”  SHS sponsor and Spanish teacher Nilsa Sullivan said. “They used traditional pink ribbons, the symbol of Breast Cancer Awareness, as a reminder of the struggle.”


They aim to recognize the vast variety of people that are affected by Breast Cancer.


It is important to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month because this terrible disease affects 1 in 8 women,” Sullivan said. “We also need to realize that breast cancer also affects men.”


In their display, SHS focused on how Hispanic Women are affected by Breast Cancer especially.


“As part of the school-wide Breast Cancer Awareness campaign, we chose to provide facts with respect to Hispanic women especially , because Hispanic women are more likely to die from breast cancer than other women, due to delays in screenings and lack of resources.” Sullivan said.


Student council is organizing a pep rally to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.


“Student Council is working hard to honor breast cancer survivors, such as our own Mrs. Contreras, honor fighters, raise awareness and continue to fight,” Student Council President Elisa Pena said. “We are going to be having a pink out pep rally, for which we have sold shirts to raise money, and are participating in a breast cancer awareness walk this month.”


They hope to help those with Breast Cancer to fight against it.


“This is an important cause to fight for because as long as cancer takes lives and affects the lives of loved ones of the Veterans Memorial community and communities around the world there is something to fight against,” Pena said.


Student Council desires to make a difference and is doing what has always worked.


“We chose to honor this month in the way we have because this is our tried and true formula for these kinds of events,” Pena said. “We want to maximize our impact and we know this is the way we can do that with our resources.”


Veterans Memorial organizations have worked to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.