Varsity Football Hosts a Social

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Varsity Football Hosts a Social

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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This past Tuesday an appreciation social was held in the cafeteria at 4:15 p.m. for trainors, starline, cheerleaders, and band. The social was held by the varsity football team and their boosters to show their gratitude for the other organizations that support them weekly.


These students, just like the football team, put in hours of practice to prepare for the games and support our team on and off the field.


“It’s important to honor cheer, starline, band, and the flag twirlers bc they honor us every time to come to our games and cheer us on,” varsity football player Brice Bellows said.


They feel that the football team would be different without those organizations.


“Without them we would definitely not be the team we are today,” Bellows said.


Though many believe the football team deserves all the credit for their success, they feel differently.


“I believe one of the main reasons we’re undefeated is because of them and the support they have for us,” Bellows said.


The football team felt amazingly about the turn-out.


“I feel like the outcome of the social was great overall”

At the social, cupcakes, juice, and cookies were given out.


“It was fun,” flute player Katerina Ford said. “The football players were giving out cupcakes and then they had ice chests with juice and you just kinda sat around and ate your cupcake, talked to football players, or talked to cheer or starline or band kids.”


For some students, the tastes brought back nostalgic feelings of childhood.


“The cupcake made me happy, I had a vanilla cupcake,” Ford said. “The juice made me feel like a little kid again because I had those-like going to a little kids birthday party.”


Students felts appreciative of the event.


“We appreciate the football team for throwing this fantastic social party with cupcakes for us and juice,” Ford said.

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