Eagles go gold for pep rally

Shae Fox, Staff Writer

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Last Thursday, students spilled into the gymnasium for the third pep rally of the year. They came  not only to pump up our football and volleyball teams, but to also honor a little boy named Luis for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.


The performances were enjoyed by our students.


“Cheer did their thing, then starline did theirs, and oh don’t forget Victoria the twirler!” Starline member Linnea Brashears said. “She did a song to “This is Me” and that might’ve been one of my favorite parts.”


The Eagle asserted his dominance.


“The Eagle came out to fight the King mascot,” Brashears said. “He punched and we won like always.”


Though fun was had, the students present were also able to witness a great act of kindness on behalf of the Veterans Memorial students. By selling t-shirts, Student Council raised over $8,000 to give to the Brookes Blossom Hope Foundation.


“Luis came out in a wheelchair and VMHS presented him with a goodie bag of all sorts of things from the different departments of our school,” Brashears said.


Some students believe that it is our responsibility to bless Luis and children like him.


“I feel as though it was a moral obligation as VMHS students to honor Luis the way we did during the Childhood Cancer Awareness Pep Rally.” Brashears said. “It was the right thing to do and I don’t think any student at Veterans was opposed to it.”


The battle of the spirit stick continues.


“The spirit stick was given to the seniors,” Brashears said. “Luis could choose who he wanted to give the spirit stick to.”


Many students had a great time at this pep rally and are looking forward to attending this weeks.