The Veterans Vault

September 11, 2018

During the welcome back assembly, students were informed about the newly opened Veterans Vault. Located two doors down from the College and Career Center, it is a service provided here that could be utilized.


The Veterans Vault is interested in us and our financial needs as a student body, and as individuals.


“Since we’re inside Veterans Memorial, that’s why we came up with the name of Veterans Vault; because we want to be a part of you guys,” Veterans Branch Supervisor Brittney Benavidez said. “We don’t want y’all to feel like we’re just a credit union that’s here inside the school. We want to be a part of you guys.”


Along with a typical savings account and/or checking account, any parent, student, or teacher can open a real-tunes account if he or she pleases.


“A benefit of opening an account with us would be the real-tunes checking account,” Benavidez said. “What that is, is a special checking account for people that use iTunes and Amazon and make purchases off of them.”


With small costs, you can save up for your first car or get a debit card to use at the mall.


“It is $10 to open the savings account,”Benavidez said. “If they do want a checking and they do qualify for a checking then it is an additional $50. So, it’s $60 total for both accounts, but the $50, they can get it right back so it’s not like a fee it’s just a deposit to open the account and they’re able to withdraw it right away.”


Since most of the students here aren’t adults, there are limitations, as one can imagine.


“If you are under 16-years-old then you do have to have a parent or guardian,” Benavidez said, “You won’t be able to get a checking account or a debit card. It’d would strictly have to be a savings. If you are 16 you can open an account by yourself, but you would need to have a parent if you do want a checking account.”


Also, keep in mind the cash limit.


“There is a cash limit. So, of course, we’re not a full credit union so we don’t have a lot of money here, but there are limits as far as how much you can withdraw. You can put in as much as you want, just the withdrawal limit, the withdrawal will be 200.”


Opening an account takes some paperwork.


“We have a signature card so all they would have to do is fill out the areas that we would need from them,” Benavides said. “We need an ID or if not then a student ID will work just as fine.”


Though Brittney Benavidez hopes next year Veterans will have an all-day credit union next year, if you have any questions the Veterans Vault will be open from 11:30 a.m – 4:30 p.m. for now.

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