Eagles baseball team advances to Round 4

Cory Utsey, Staff Editor

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The first round was a 1-game series against the Harlandale Indians, the second round was a 3-game series against the Harryland Pioneers, and the third round was a 1-game series against the King Mustangs. The Eagles baseball team won all three of these rounds, meaning that for the first time in our school’s history, they will be advancing to the fourth round.

The next game will be on Saturday against the Boerne Champions at Cabaniss Field.

With a possibility of three games within this round, the first game of round four already took place on Thursday, and the team won 6-3 against the Boerne Champion Chargers.

“They’ve never been in a situation like this before, but they’ve handled it really well,” head coach Lee Yeager said. “Every time we’ve redirected them they come back and do what we’ve asked them to do, and that’s all you can ask for as a coach, that your players will respond to you.”

Although the team is still developing with experience, their determination and ability to work well together has gotten them this far.

“We’re not a bunch of individual players, which can get you beat pretty quick,” Yeager said. “Our guys have played together and they have created some chemistry that has allowed them to win some games.”

Yeager believes that the future of the team is very bright, and others believe this as well.

“For a team that got developed in three years, to make it to the regional quarterfinals is very impressive,” junior Jacob Morales said. “I think that they have a good shot at winning the second game on Saturday.”

Although the Champions are a reputable team, senior Javier Jacinto still believes that he and his team can handle it, and he is very proud of them.

“This year we have had to call on younger players to step up in key moments and they have continually been able to perform,” Jacinto said. “The growth and maturity of the team, overall, is truly something I am proud of.”

With only two rounds away from the State Championship, Jacinto is confident in the abilities of his team and is excited to end the year on such a high note.

“I am excited to know that the school year is coming to an end and I get to continue playing the game that I love with my baseball family,” he said. “I don’t know if anyone believed we’d make it this far, so to still be playing is truly a blessing.”

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