“Black Panther” Movie Review

February 19, 2018

“Black Panther” hit box offices this past weekend with incredible, almost unprecedented hype around it due to it being a rare film with a predominantly black cast about African culture along with the Marvel name which almost always generates great hype and sold out theaters. While some went overboard with the hype, the movie was fantastic in every way and was one of Marvel’s best.

Michael B Jordan played Killmonger, the film’s main villain, and Chadwick Boseman starred as Black Panther, the new king of the highly technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda. The film features his trials and tribulations as a young, inexperienced king struggling between filling his father’s shoes and trying to shake off mistakes of the past and be the type he king he wants to be.

The movie’s exposition features T’Challa (or Black Panther) officially becoming King of Wakanda. His first major conflict comes when he receives intelligence on a person who stole vibranium (the incredibly valuable metal that allows Wakanda to be so technologically advanced) from Wakanda and tries  to sell the metal to Americans at a meetup in South Korea. He goes and recognizes an old friend, an American CIA operative there trying to buy the vibranium. The meetup goes south and they capture the thief known as Klaue. The CIA operative insists on keeping Klaue in his captivity, and T’Challa complies. The plot really thickens when Klaue is rescued from prison, but killed shortly after by someone he thought was an ally. This person is known as Killmonger, who’s true interest is not money, but going to Wakanda to confront King T’Challa about an event in their families’ past. Killmonger’s intentions are to take the throne from T’Challa, and he becomes the main villain in the film.

The acting in Black Panther is, simply put, incredible. The script was pretty good, but still was that of an average Marvel superhero movie, as most of the movie could be somewhat predictable . However, the acting is what truly gave Black Panther life and made it such a great film. Michael B Jordan played Killmonger, absolutely perfectly and truly made you hate him until an unexpected turn at the end that brought out other emotions. Martin Freeman played Everett Ross, the white CIA operative friend of Black Panther, superbly as well and was probably the funniest character in the movie. Him encountering Wakandan technology that he had not seen before provided many funny moments, and he was clearly way out of place. Of course, we can’t forget Chadwick Boseman who fit the role of the serious-faced Black Panther perfectly and is one of Marvel’s most likeable heroes. The costume design was also quite good, with many unique and beautiful costumes worn by many different characters.

I went in to see Black Panther expecting a lot of annoying identity politics, as thats how many critics and people on social media were making it out to be. However, the movie was absolutely amazing even as a stand-alone film, so even a non Marvel fan would enjoy it. The plot had a good amount of unexpected turns with great acting, and overall I would say it is one of my favorite Marvel films and give it a 9/10 rating.

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